Double BASE Jump From Moving Gondola

I just got back from Innsbruck Austria where my friend Flo Orley had a fun adventure planned for us. We got to BASE jump out of a moving gondola in the middle of the day. I was so anxious before the jump, the landing area was tricky and the canyon was fairly narrow with a pretty thin snow coverage. When it was time to get going, people were stoked in the gondola, the weather was perfect and we had some super soft landings! Flo actually had a chat with the director of the ski resort Rosshütte afterwards and he was super cool about it. He just asked that we don't do it again! No property was damaged, no traces were left behind and nobody got hurt. It was some good clean fun unlike the idiot who jumped in Whistler by vandalizing the Peak 2 Peak gondola. It was all about having fun, not damaging anything and not hurting anyone. I love Austria!