Go Epic With THULE!

Time to Go epic with Thule! It starts September 30th. Are you ready? Enter your videos on www.epicthule.com to become the new sidekick of your favorite athlete. We need help for our next video!

Super Frenchie in the Jungle of Thailand!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to go on a BASE jumping trip to Thailand with Puddle Monkey Productions, a production company working on very popular shows such as Sister Wives.

Our jump crew was epic with Suz Graham (pro skier), Whitney McVey from the show Thrillbillies, Jesse Hall and Marshall Miller from the GoPro Bomb Squad.

I never thought that I would end up BASE jumping in the jungle of Thailand and land on a beautiful beach with such a great crew!

Here is what it looked like!

Traveling through Southwest Colorado and Utah

Recently I got to go on an amazing trip through Moab, UT and Durango, CO to BASE jump and ski BASE jump.

Enjoy the images that Inside Durango TV put together! If you want to see more check out the new movie by PVS Company coming out this fall at the International Freesking Film Festival worldwide.

This is the Cushe Life

Our Cushe Footwear trip last fall was one of the most incredible trips of my life. I had the chance to travel with my teammates Sophie Hellyer and Mitch Corbett to Iceland and North Devon.

It was my first time surfing the cold waters of Iceland and paddling my surfboard in the middle of icebergs.

We also had the opportunity to take Mitch Corbett jumping out of a plane in front of the famous Icelandic volcano Eyafjallajokull.

The Cushe Life means living by your own standards. It’s infectious and addictive. Here is a taste of it through our latest Cushe film.

“PLAY” by Eider – Episode #3

Deep turns at Mt Baker, a ski BASE on Mt Hood and a snowy surf session in the latest episode of “PLAY” by Eider from PVS COMPANY.

2012 in 45 Seconds by Matthias Giraud

Such an epic year!

Thanks to my family, my friends and sponsors for helping me make it happen.

2013 is going to be INSANE!

GoPro: Matthias Giraud – Double Back Flip Drop

Memories from Chamonix in the latest official GoPro video! Snow, sunshine, cliff, skis, parachutes and friends. GoPro moments are always special.

One Summer with Town & Country Jeep

During the past six months, my Jeep Patriot from Town and Country in Portland has taken me everywhere. From surfing the oregon coast to jumping off cliffs in Moab and hanging off helicopters, it has been an amazing summer. What did you do last summer?

“PLAY” By Eider – Episode #1

In the first episode of “PLAY” by Eider, you will discover some of our adventures in Chamonix and Megeve, France. The last season in the Alps was amazing with perfect snow and weather conditions which allowed us to ski some of the Alps most beautiful descents and ski off some of the biggest cliffs around.

Eider “PLAY” Webseries – November 22nd

Patience will pay off… The Eider webseries entitled “PLAY” will be dropping in 5 days!

In the meantime, here is another teaser of the series.